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Meet Dr. Krista and her team

Our Plymouth Dental Team

Our Plymouth Family Dentist is here to make your family feel comfortable.

We know that dentist-appointment-date circled on the calendar isn’t something most people look forward to. But here, you’ll always be greeted with a smile. We truly enjoy what we do. We’re people people who love helping patients of all ages achieve beautiful smiles.

Meet Plymouth dentist Dr. Geisler

You're here because you need a dentist, so I'll start there. I have been practicing dentistry for sixteen years. The most recent eight years practicing dentistry have been here at Life Smiles in Plymouth, MN, which I started from scratch in the spring of 2010. My office is not a part of a chain of dental offices, but is an independent dental practice. I am proud to be a female dentist running my own practice and as a woman, I absolutely love working with families and kids. I work hard to keep up to date on the latest advances in family, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. I believe in using the latest technologies to provide quality, comfortable experiences.

I am a Minnesotan and I earned my bachelor's degree from North Dakota State University, where I also played volleyball for four years. I earned my dental degree from the University of Minnesota. I give back with dentistry by volunteering locally and abroad.

I've been married to my husband for twenty years. We now have two beautiful daughters and a ten year old, white golden doodle. I love to grow flowers, travel and take walks. I love to bake and try to find time to read. My goal, as your family dentist, is to make you feel completely at ease. You will find no down talking or lectures from me. You will receive just clear, caring advice. I would welcome the privilege of beginning a new partnership in support of your health.

Dr. Geisler Plymouth, MN Dentist

Dr. Geisler Plymouth, MN Dentist

Plymouth, MN Dental Patient Coordinator

Leslie, Patient Coordinator

People around me have always noted my positive attitude.  When not helping people at Life Smiles, you can find me with my family.  My favorite vacation is anywhere tropical and I love listening to live Blues.  I have a little Pomeranian who loves to cuddle.


Steven, Dental Hygienist

What I like best of my career is taking the fear and anxiety out of dental visits and turning them into an enjoyable and comfortable experience. I received my Associates degree in Dental Hygiene from Herzing University and have been practicing for over 7 years. My passions are traveling with my wife and spending time with our two little girls. Any chance I can sneak away from my family, you can probably find me on a golf course. I’m excited to be part of the Life Smiles team and look forward to being part of your family. 


Michelle, Dental Assistant

I have been in the dental field for 15 years and am happy to join Life Smiles. When not at work, you can find me with friends, enjoying the outdoors, or watching a high school basketball game.


Bobbie, Practice Manager

When I am not leading the Life Smiles team and helping our patients, I have a ton of interests. I can be found outdoors or at sporting events or live music events. I love to travel and most importantly, spend time with my family and friends. By the way, if you want to learn about pickleball, I can teach you all about it!


Michelle, Advanced Dental Therapist

Michelle has been in the dental field since 2008. She attended the University of Minnesota in 2010, earning her degree in Dental Therapy. As a dental therapist, Michelle performs fillings, sealants and exams along with crowns for baby teeth. She has been practicing as a dental therapist for over six years. She mostly enjoys helping people overcome their dental fears and helping them to improve self-confidence through their smile. In her free time she volunteers at an animal shelter and travels up north to the cabin.


Danielle, Patient Coordinator

Having been working in dentistry for many years has given me the opportunity to meet lots of people. When you first arrive at Life Smiles, I will be the first person to greet you. I am an avid sports fan, and can be found in a gym or in a hockey arena when not at work.

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Plymouth Dentist With Advanced Technology

New technology for patients of all ages.

We work hard to make sure you feel comfortable. One way we achieve this is through the power of technology. From state-of-the-art devices that improve your care, to added luxuries you’d find at home, you’ll enjoy a relaxing experience and quality service.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry allows Dr. Geisler to do more comfortable procedures, with better healing results.  Dr. Geisler uses the LightScalpel Co2 laser for soft tissue procedures.  Common procedures that are performed are frenectomies (aka frenulectomy) for infants, children and adults.  Releasing tongue ties and lip ties is important for many reasons.  The following are some but not all of the benefits: improved nursing, improved speech, swallowing, and oral/facial growth and development, preventing orthodontic and recession problems.  Also common uses of soft tissue lasers are gingival recontouring, fibroma removals, treatment of herpes lesions (cold sores) and canker sores.  Do you have a tooth that is super sensitive to touch or cold?  A simple treatment with the laser can reduce the pain in your sensitive teeth.  We also are able to serve our patients with a second laser, known as a low level laser therapy (also known as a cold laser, photobiostimulation, photobiomodulation, PBM or LLLT) at the 808 nm wavelength.  It looks more like a flashlight than anything else and it you cannot even feel it.  This laser wavelength reduces chance of post treatment discomfort in your gums, teeth, in extraction sites.  Prior to commencing treatment for head and neck cancer, the new standard of care is using laser therapy to prevent a painful and common side effect.  Oral mucositis results in ulcers in the mouth and on lips which makes drinking and eating very difficult. Even if therapy didn't start prior to oncology treatment, this laser treatment can speed healing and reduce pain.  In addition, using a laser can improve your numbing experience by accelerating both the anesthetics onset and disappearance.  This laser can even treat sore TMJ muscles, allowing your body to heal itself.  Using a laser usually reduces the need for pain medication after involved treatments. For people with sensitive gag reflexes, a laser can be used to reduce gagging.  Dr. Geisler has successfully completed Standard Proficiency Dental Laser Certification through the ALD and also the Advanced Laser Certification for the Gemini soft tissue laser.

Dr. Geisler is a Plymouth, MN dentist who uses Light Scalpel CO2 laser for soft tissue procedures such as tongue-tie revisions.

Dr. Geisler is a Plymouth, MN dentist who uses Light Scalpel CO2 laser for soft tissue procedures such as tongue-tie revisions.

Digital Impressioning

3Shape Trios scanner

Digital scanners capture a 3D image of your teeth, so traditional impressions don't need to be taken.  Accuracy of the dental restoration is improved, as is the speed of which your crowns return from the lab.  Clear aligners for invisable orthodontics is much easier to start without the need to for impression trays.  Patients love it because they don't have to have goopy material in their mouths for a few minutes.   Seeing your mouth in color and in three dimensions on a computer screen is also very interesting, showing people things they would otherwise not be able to appreciate.  Dr. Geisler uses a 3Shape Trios scanner, the fastest and most accurate scanner for dentists. 

Invisalign and Clear Aligners

Invisalign and Clear Correct are technologies that are offered by Life Smiles. This system uses clear aligners to adjust teeth without the need for metal braces.  Clear aligners are perfect for those who do not want traditional wires and brackets.  The aligners are easy to remove for eating, drinking and brushing.  Ask Dr. Geisler if you could benefit from Invisalign. 


Compounded Topical mouthwash

For patients who have sensitive gums or a gag reflex, we offer a mouthwash that numbs your soft tissues.  It is very easy to use, a 30 second swish immediately prior to treatment and you are numb. Numbness without a needle, what could be better?  The anesthetic wears off after about one half hour.  This is special because most practices do not offer it, and it is specially created for Life Smiles by a pharmacy.

Compounded Topical Anesthetic

Dr. Geisler wants her patients to have the most comfortable numbing experience you've had.   We numb you, before we numb you.  She has a specially created numbing gel, that sits on your tissues for a minute prior to using the wand (see below).  This gel is much stronger than the gel that the vast majority of dentists use, and it creates a much more comfortable injection.  In fact, many people ask after the injection what Dr. Geisler was just doing, because they did not feel anything!


Onset by Onpharma raises the pH of local anesthetic resulting in a six thousand fold increase in the amount of anesthetic that can cross the nerve membrane at the time of injection. This means pain free injections for our patients.  It also lets the numbness occur much more quickly so there is less waiting in the chair. More predicatable numbness is the most important reason we use this product.

Computerized Anesthesia

Also called The Wand®, Computerized Anesthesia is a new technology that increases comfort during and after numbing. In fact, you may not sense your tooth has been numbed at all. And many patients walk away without that annoying lip and tongue tingling.


If you don't like the numb feeling after a procedure, Dr. Geisler offers a medication that reverses the numbing effect of anesthetic.  For adults, you can go to a work meeting immediately after appointment without that drooling feeling. It might just save you or your child from biting your tongue and lip.

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiographs are better than the old fashioned kind for a few reasons. 1) It’s an easier process with less radiation. 2) No waiting for film to develop. 3) You get crystal-clear, high-def images right on your monitor.

Digital Photography

What about the way your smile looks from the outside? We take digital pictures of your smile during each visit so we can monitor your oral health. It’s an extra step to ensure your smile stays healthy for years to come.

Flatscreen Monitors

Each patient room has an HDTV, complete with cable. So the kids can watch cartoons, mom can see her home and garden shows, and dad can catch the game—all while we work on improving your smile. You can also check out your dental films and see live video of your teeth.

Bose® Noise Canceling Headphones

No more grinding, sucking and scraping sounds. Noise cancelling headphones let you listen to your TV show or rock out or relax to your favorite tunes. Sit back, relax, and leave the noisy stuff to us.

Intraoral Camera

Live video of your teeth. How cool is that? Our intraoral cameras provide an outstanding outlook of your overall oral health (say that five times fast). Plus, during exams, we can look at your teeth together, so you can actually see what we’re talking about.

Dental Spectrophotometer

If you ever need a filling, crown or chip repair, our digital dental spectrophotometer (yes, it’s as cool as it sounds) allows us to match the color of the repair material to the natural color of your teeth, giving you a healthy, consistent smile.


An isovac is a suctioning device.  The advantage of using it is four-fold. Appointments can take up to 1/3 less time because it improves our efficiency.  It prevents tastes from going near your tongue and prevents saliva from contaminating a tooth we restoring (creating more consistently longer-lasting restorations).  What is most important to many is that it removes mercury vapor from the immediate air around your mouth when a metal filling is removed.

Patient Education Videos

Many find it helpful to watch a video that clarifies oral conditions and dental procedures.  Dr. Geisler is involved in a continuing education group, called a Spear Study Club.  One benefit of being a member is access videos to help patients understand what we are talking about.  The video below is an example of the types of videos that are helpful for education.

Patient Resources

Tools, tips and toys to make caring for your smile easier.

We could just say, “see ya in six months” after each visit. But that’s not really our style. The links on this page provide useful information about maintaining a healthy smile 365 days a year. You’ll also find activities and games for the kids, coupons, links to our social sites and more.

Link to dental coloring pages for kids

Link to App to help kids time their brushing

American Academy of Pediatric Recommendations

Dental Tips for Parents

What is Scaling and Root Planing?  

Understanding Tooth Wear video

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?  Video link

Kids don't come with instructions. Let us help you with some dental tips for parents.

Some good advice for things to do prior to your child's first dental visit:

  • Make the appointment early in the day
  • Practice with your child sitting knee to knee at home
  • Bring along a favorite blanket or toy
  • Avoid scary words
  • Read a book about going to the dentist
  • Be a good role model, your children watch what you do and listen to what you sayKids, You Could Be The Next Winner of the No Cavity Club!

Help your Kids Brush and Floss each day. We want them to be the newest member of our NO Cavity Club. Each month we put all of our patients name in a jar and select one winner from that month who had no cavities. The winner gets an awesome prize.  Fun and rewarding that's what a clean smile should be!

Plymouth, MN Dentist No Cavity Club

Plymouth, MN Dentist No Cavity Club

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Patient Resources