Battling Bad Breath: Things To Avoid

Bad Breath Insights from Plymouth, MN Dentist

Bad Breath Insights from Plymouth, MN Dentist

You Breathe Out What You Eat

Sometimes your bad breath comes down to what you eat.  Sometimes it's obvious, other times not so much.

High Protein Foods:  Bacteria love sticking onto proteins, so high protein foods contribute generously to halitosis.  Top contenders are fish, red meat, and beans.  So hold the protein and swap out meat courses for vegetarian options a few times a week.

Coffee:  This one is obvious but important.  Coffee contains high levels of acid, bacteria love acid as much as they love protein.

Sugar:  Sugar encourages bacteria to reproduce and create even more volatile sulfur compounds and can attract other bacteria.

Acidic foods and drinks:  Along with aiding bacteria reproduction, acids also create sour, bitter and/or metallic tastes in your mouth.  

Dairy Products:  Lactose intolerance causes more than stomach discomfort.  It means the inability to break down the lactose protein that is in dairy foods.  This results in a buildup of amino acids, which easily convert into volatile sulfur compounds thanks to anaerobic bacteria in the tongue.

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