Testing Your Dental IQ

1. How often should you visit your dentist and dental hygienist?

A. Once a year
B. Twice a year
C. As often as is recommended for your oral conditions
D. Only when you have a dental concern

2. How long should you swish mouthwash in your mouth for?

A. 10 seconds  
B. 5 minutes
C. As prescribed on the bottle

3. When should a child first see their dentist?

A. Six months
B. By his or her first birthday
C. At age 3
D. Before starting school

4. Smokeless tobacco is safer than cigarettes

A. Both are bad for your health
B. Smokeless tobacco is safer
C. Cigarettes are safer

5. How long should you brush your teeth?

A. One minute    
B. Two minutes
C. 90 seconds
D. 30 seconds

6. Eating a healthy diet is important for both oral health and overall health

A. True
B. False

7. How often should you replace your toothbrush?

A. Every 3-4 months
B. Every month
C. Every 5-6 months
D. When worn or after being sick
E. A and D

8. Certain medications can impact your oral health

A. True
B. False

9. When should you use mouthwash?

A. Before you brush your teeth
B. Once a day
C. In between meals
D. Only as needed to freshen your breath

10. Baby teeth cannot develop decay

A. True
B. False


**This quiz is sponsored by Patterson Dental and Oral Health America and supported by Listerine.

Answers: 1) C   2) C   3) B   4) A   5) B   6) A   7) E   8) A   9) A   10) B

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