Foods Best for Your Teeth

Food Suggestions from your local Plymouth, MN dentist

Food Suggestions from your local Plymouth, MN dentist

Can You Pick Out of This Line Up?

January is the time of year for resolutions and many of those resolutions have to do with bettering our health.  When most of us think of a healthy diet we consider calories, fat, sugar and salt intake per day to help us measure.  These are all tried and true weighs to help maintain a healthy and well balanced meal planning.  Here are a couple of things to consider for your oral health.


Foods high in fiber also help your mouth produce saliva.  The production of saliva is our body's natural way to cleanse our mouths after eating to prevent build up on your teeth.


Citrus can be hard on teeth by eating away at the enamel of your teeth.  Citrus is good for you, so don't eliminate it from our diet.  Brushing after eating can help to alleviate the acid left in your mouth. 

Foods that Leave Stains

Wine, Coffee, honey, and berries can all stain teeth.  Consider eating these as part of a meal so that the other foods are helping to scrap it off teeth or fiber rich foods that increase saliva production.

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