Remember When?


You may know me from helping you with your appointments and insurance at the front desk —Julie.  I actually started out in dentistry as a dental hygienist in the early 1980s.  Let me tell you—dentistry has REALLY changed.  When I began dental hygiene practice, we did not wear gloves or masks.  Imagine that!  I survived the 1980s without problems except for my broken left hand which I suffered while playing volleyball.  I had a full hand cast for 6 weeks.  I managed to find a super-sized glove to fit over my cast.  My patients were pretty wide eyed until I assured them that I was so good that I didn’t need my left hand to work.  (Not actually true, but it sounded good)

The 1980s, 90's and beyond brought huge changes in both infection control and technology.  Today, Life Smiles has the latest and greatest in equipment and know-how.   We strive to make the patient experience as positive as possible while delivering state-of-the art dental care.

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