Plymouth, MN dentist uses computerized anesthesia


Good News for those who hate getting numbed!

Dr. Geisler is a family dentist located in Plymouth, Minnesota, who uses a computer to help numb her patients teeth.  It's not the old-fashioned big needle, but a small wand that is controlled by a computer.  What this means for you, is a much more comfortable dental experience, from start to finish.  Most patients don't even know their tooth is being numbed.  The patients often ask at Life Smiles "What did you just do?"  It's great to have a way to numb a tooth without the patient even feeling it.  Another advantage is that individual teeth can be numbed.  If you need dentistry done on a single lower tooth, Dr. Geisler uses her computerized anesthesia, The Wand, to numb one tooth.  That means your tongue and lip won't be numb!  Go ahead and eat lunch with your friends immediately after.  Or give a presentation to your co-workers without feeling like you are drooling.  Going to the dentist is totally different then it used to be!