Sealants-Tooth Decay Prevention in Plymouth, MN

Sealant Services Plymouth, MN Dentist

Sealant Services Plymouth, MN Dentist

Did you know that there is an affordable way to prevent tooth decay?

Sealants are a clear material that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay is most likely to occur. The sealant creates a barrier that keeps out plaque and food to decrease the risk of tooth decay.  Easily applied, Sealants require only a few minutes for application.

Sealants are extremely cost effective.  Properly applied and maintained sealants are extremely effective in preventing pit and fissure decay.  This means you can save both dollars and your chlid's discomfort by apply sealants rather than allowing cavities to develop.

Please contact Life Smile's, a family friendly dentist in Plymouth, MN, today to learn more about how sealants can help your children prevent tooth decay.