What is an amalgam tattoo?

Plymouth, MN Dentist Amalgam Tattoo

Plymouth, MN Dentist Amalgam Tattoo

In the age of dentistry where not many amalgam (silver) restorations are being treatment planned, seeing an amalgam tattoo may one day be a thing of the past. 

An amalgam tattoo is a localized blue-black or grey pigment of the gum tissue that surrounds an existing silver filling or can be a subtle reminder of a silver restoration that had been placed in the past. This pigmentation occurs from the dental amalgam implanting itself into the tissues surrounding the area of the restoration. There is no pain with an amalgam tattoo and no recommended treatment to remove any signs of the tattoo unless for cosmetic reasons requested by the patient.

If you have more questions about amalgam tattoos, ask your local Plymouth, MN dentist at your next appointment with Life Smiles family dentistry.  

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