What is Linea Alba?

Local Plymouth, MN Dentist

Local Plymouth, MN Dentist

Have you ever had your Plymouth, MN dentist complete a thorough head and neck exam and have them tell you that you have linea alba? Your first thought is “what is that?” You may have a chance to ask or there may be other things being discussed after the exam, and the question is forgotten. Linea alba is something dental providers see day and day out, so explaining what exactly it is to patients can sometimes be forgotten.

In dentistry, linea alba is defined as a white, horizontal line found on the inside of your cheek(s), level with the biting plane. What this tells your dentist is that you are likely clenching your teeth, resulting in the biting of your cheeks.

There is not much that can be done in the form of treatment for linea alba other than the reduction in the amount of clenching/check biting a person is doing. For most, this clenching occurs at night and a night guard is often the best treatment. It may not stop you from clenching, but will prevent you from biting your cheeks, which in turn will eliminate the signs of linea alba.

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