Cosmetic and Family Dentist Serving Minnetonka Minnesota

Our Promise - Make Your Family Proud of Their Smile

As a general dentistry practice we provide all-inclusive care ranging from general treatment procedures, cosmetic and preventive dentistry. We provide useful information to educate patients as well as provide emergency dental services. As a dental practice serving the families of Minnetonka, we provide ongoing care to families that want to consistently have healthy and beautiful smiles for life.

Complete Dental Care for the Family

Dearest to our hearts is helping families. We feel that as a dental practice it is our job to provide a relaxing and stress free clinic environment. Being focused on the family means prioritizing each family member’s dental needs.

Full Dental Exam

For first time patients, we start off with a thorough physical examination of your smile so as to provide an analysis of your current oral health. From this starting point, we will then formulate a strategy in order achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental Consults

If ever there is a need for you to get a second opinion or if you have any concerns that you feel warrant more attention, then a dental consult is probably the best solution for you. If you are aware that you or your family require cleanings and have not seen a dental professional in quite some time, setting up an appointment for a complete dental exam will definitely help save you a lot of effort.

Emergency Treatment

There are times when there is an unexpected toothache that requires immediate attention or if you accidentally cracked your teeth because you bit hard on a piece of candy, don’t fret as we are here to help ease your distress. Trust us to handle any kind of dental problem that requires emergent care.


One of our goals is to educate patients on how to properly care for their teeth and gums so that major problems can be avoided. We provide tips on how to properly care for your smile and we do it in a way that is friendly, enjoyable and informative.

Color Repair and Teeth Whitening

It is a known fact that a consistent and bright smile can do wonders to anybody’s self-esteem and confidence. Our tooth color restoration methods utilize the latest technologies to ensure that bridges and crowns resemble closely the color of your natural teeth. It is so good no one can tell the difference. Our tooth whitening procedures do not just brighten your smile it gives back the confidence you need to face people everyday.


A conventional means of changing the appearance of your smile is through the use of veneers. It can be used for a single or an entire set of 8 teeth. If properly done, the finished look is very natural looking. They do not necessarily have to be really white unless the patient desires it. The advantage of veneers is that they can change the shade, placing, crowding as well as length or rotations of their front teeth. They offer the perfect alternative for adults that are interested in something other than orthodontic treatment. The installation of veneers usually takes four weeks.


An excellent alternative to braces is the Invisalign system. Using this method is very convenient and easy. Plus, there is little or no discomfort felt by the patient. Using the Invisalign system does away with conventional metal braces and instead utilizes plastic aligners that are so unobtrusive that most folks would not be able to discern that you are wearing them. Each set of aligners are worn for a period of a couple of weeks at a time, while your teeth is moving slowly toward your objective of gaining the smile you always wanted. You need to wear the plastic aligners most of the time but not all of the time. They can be easily removed conveniently when eating, brushing and flossing your teeth. There is no limitation to food choices you can enjoy.

The Smile Plan

The Smile Plan is a dental package for folks that do not have dental insurance. The plan covers completely the cost of preventative care that includes dental examinations; x-ray films, fluoride treatments as well as emergency dental visits by Life Smile dentists. As an added bonus, the patient also gets 15% off on other dental services.

The Advantages of the Smile Plan include:

  • Affordable annual fee
  • Absence of Annual Maximums
  • No waiting times
  • No paperwork to file
  • Co-Pays are not required

If you are interested in getting the Smile Plan, just get in touch with our office and our friendly staff can help walk you through the details and provide answers to any concerns you might have.