Are you looking to save on the crown you need?


Dr. Geisler understands how easy it is to delay seeking treatment when you need a new crown. She gets it. You're busy, they're expensive, and going to the dentist doesn't always feel so great. 

However, a cracked tooth or large cavity left untreated can create more extensive dental problems down the road, which is why for a limited time, Life Smiles is offering a $150 discount on porcelain crowns. 

There are some limitations, including that it must be a new crown (no previous work done), and it must be for a posterior or back tooth. The offer is not for implant or metal crowns, and does not include bridge or survey crowns. Lastly, the offer is limited to one crown per patient. 

Your first appointment MUST take place on or before October 31, 2016. 

Please mention the code PORCELAIN when scheduling your first appointment.